Snorkel and Dive with the Manatees

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Weekend Florida Getaway

Snorkel or Dive Weekend in Crystal River, Florida

January 12-15, 2018 

Join us for a weekend of snorkeling and diving in Crystal River, Florida. Saturday we will ride a boat up Rainbow River about a mile where we slide off into the shallow water and either snorkel or dive back down with the gentle current of the river. Depths range from a foot to about 20' and visibility is usually crystal clear. All Flordia springs remain 68-72 degrees year round, so a 5 mm wetsuit will do the trick for most people.




Sunday, we will head out to see the manatees. This will be a snorkel only option. Manatees don't like the noisy bubbles divers make and the water is shallow enough to stand up in most of the time. This weekend is a great opportunity to get friends or family into the water that doesn't dive but wants to experience these amazing creatures up close and personal. 

The trip includes accommodations at the Best Western in Crystal River for Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, boat fees for both days, park fees for Rainbow River and local taxes on these items. (Note: No equipment is included in this trip, snorkelers and divers must have their own or rent the necessary equipment. No airfills or tank rentals are included. If divers wish to make dives, they must either take or rent any needed equipment.)